Jacob Adam Theiss

Executive Chef

Chef Jacob Adam Theiss joined the F&H Food Trading Group team in 2010 with six years of experience in the restaurant industry. He currently serves as executive chef at Salt Factory Pub in Roswell.

Chef Theiss credits his mother’s prowess in the kitchen for igniting his interest in the culinary industry. As a child he was constantly assisting her in creating beautiful dishes for their family that celebrated their Italian heritage. Chef Theiss was inspired to get his formal education after working as a line cook in various restaurants in the Atlanta-area including Authentico Inc. and Yellowfin. He earned his associates degree in the culinary arts from the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2013. In January 2010, chef Theiss came to Salt Factory Pub Roswell where he uses his creativity and dedication to create inventive dishes at the neighborhood gastropub.

When he isn’t hard at work in the kitchen, chef Theiss enjoys writing, reading novels and poetry, baking and fencing. He currently resides in Roswell, Ga., but has a passion for traveling to other countries, always looking to experience the unknown.